Year Established: 2019

The Plumbing Wizards

These days, it’s possible to look up anything on the internet. Feeling sick? Search your issues and you might convince yourself you have a terminal illness. You probably don’t—there’s a reason we have doctors. Trust the experts. The same goes for plumbing. Don’t waste your time trying to fix an issue you’ve no experience dealing with. Just call Enahnce Plumbing and Drain. That’s why we’re here.

Our Services

Our specialty is residential plumbing, for both homeowners and renters. We offer clogged drain clearing, faucet repair, faucet installation, gas water heater installation, tankless water heater maintenance, sewer drain cleaning, boiler service, repiping, and a whole lot else besides. If you have any questions about specific issues, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


602 Dempster St, Evanston, IL 60202